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An induction coil is any object used to stabilize an edge (or edges) of another pattern without touching. While still lifes and oscillators can be used as induction coils, there are also many induction coils that are not stable by themselves (such as table).


The tubs on the sides of the Gray counter are used as induction coils, as are the blocks and snakes used in the Hertz oscillator and the heptomino at the bottom of the mathematician.

The Gray counter is stabilized by two tubs.
The Hertz oscillator is stabilized by two blocks and two snakes.
The Mathematician is mutually stabilized by a crinkly heptomino.

Working list

To adjust patterns manually, it is convenient to have the small and useful induction coils handy. However, as the examples show, stabilizing a long edge can usually be accomplished by judiciously placing snakes, blocks and occasionally tubs along its length. Due consideration must be given to their spacing, and especially the overhang at edges and corners. Common short coils follow:

length Preblock stabilizer - -
3, 3 high
3, 4 high -
3, 5 high -
4, 2 high - -
4, 3 high
4, 4 high
5, 3 high -
5, 4 high
6, 3 high

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