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|name = Josh Ball
|name = Josh Ball
|born = 1984

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Josh Ball
Born 1984
Residence Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown

Josh Ball is a Life enthusiast who has discovered various oscillators and spaceships.

He is best known for his discovery of the loafer in 2013 which is the first and smallest known c/7 orthogonal spaceship (and the fifth smallest known spaceship overall). Besides this, he also found 37P4H1V0 and 77P6H1V1, the smallest known c/4 orthogonal and c/6 diagonal spaceships respectively.

He has also discovered several period-5 oscillators, particularly the first known statorless p5 and a variety of oscillators based on a light speed period 5 wick similar to ants.

He contributes to the ConwayLife.com forums under the username "velcrorex."

Patterns found by Josh Ball