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The protection policy describes how and why some articles on LifeWiki may be protected.

Protection is a technical ability given to administrators on the wiki that prevents editors from editing a page. Protection is used as a last resort, and two different levels of protection are used on LifeWiki:

  • Full protection - only administrators can edit or move the page
  • Semi-protection - registered editors whose accounts have been active for 24 hours can edit or move the article, new accounts and anonymous editors can not edit the page

Why some pages are protected

In general, page protection is implemented either to prevent changes to critical parts of the site or as a last resort to prevent undesirable edits. Usually, protection is only applied to articles, not talk pages. This ensures that all members of the community can still make suggestions about necessary changes to the article, by posting those suggestions on the talk page. The primary exception to this rule is vandalized user talk pages, in which case the talk page may be protected as well, and discussion of the article is deferred to the forums.

Specific reasons why articles are protected are listed below:

Full protection

  • Protecting pages with high visibility, such as the Main Page, from being vandalized.
  • For maintaining the integrity of the site logo and copyright pages for legal reasons.
  • For protecting the MediaWiki namespace, since these pages affect the interface of the site.
  • For protecting central category pages, since much of the usefulness of LifeWiki comes from its categorical navigation.


  • To protect pages that have been frequently vandalized.
  • As a temporary measure to defuse an edit war, after repeated attempts to discuss the edits have failed. In such a case, the protection should be lifted as soon as possible, for example as soon as the editors have all contributed to the talk page discussion.

Changing a protected page

Even if a page is protected, users are encouraged to contribute to that page. Ideas and recommendations may be placed on the corresponding talk page, and an administrator will review and consider what you have written.