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This week's featured article

Parallel half-baked knightship or Parallel HBK is a knightship based on the well-known half-bakery reaction with a glider, and an improvement over the original half-baked knightship. There are several significant differences in design between the original half-baked knightship and Chris Cain's smaller version. The slow-salvo constructions are done serially in Goucher's design, and an extra glider is used to suppress the salvo that triggers the half-bakery trails.

On January 3, 2015 Chris Cain built a HBK gun, that can run in Golly in reasonable time.

The gun's design implies an easy synthesis with 57,286 gliders, though this is considerably larger than an earlier 38,380-glider synthesis by Michael Simkin.

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Pattern collection

The LifeWiki contains one of the most comprehensive catalogues of patterns available on the internet. Within it you will find:
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2 MB .zip archive containing the 1500+ RLE pattern files used on the wiki

Did you know...

  • ... that with the appearance of the 0E0P metacell, the number of periods for which strict volatility 1 oscillators were known went from 12 to infinity?
  • ... that Copperhead is not only the first c/10 orthogonal spaceship ever found, but also remarkably compact for a pattern not discovered until 2016?
  • ... that loafer is the fifth smallest non-flotilla spaceship, but was discovered 43 years after the four spaceships smaller than it?
  • ... that despite being the fourth smallest non-flotilla orthogonal spaceship, loafer did not appear from a single randomly generated soup until 2020?
  • ... that all known glider eaters take at least four ticks to recover to their original state after eating a glider?
  • ... that the formerly smallest 31c/240 spaceship does not make use of the 31c/240 reaction?
  • ... that there is roughly one chance in 10^(N/3) that a still life appearing out of random soup will have a population of exactly N cells?
  • ... that the number of still lifes with N+1 bits is roughly 2.48 times larger than the number of N-bit still lifes?
  • ... that the odds of a randomly-chosen 20×20 soup pattern being a methuselah that lasts between 1000N and 1000(N+1) ticks, is roughly the same as the odds that it will last any amount of time longer than 1000(N+1) ticks?
  • ... that all still lifes up to 17 cells can be synthesized at a cost of less than one glider per cell?          
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