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Welcome to LifeWiki,
the wiki for Conway's Game of Life.
Currently contains 2,149 articles.
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This week's featured article

Recursive filter is a toolkit developed by Alexey Nigin in July 2015, which enables the construction of patterns with population growth that asymptotically matches an infinite number of different superlinear and sublinear functions. Toolkits enabling other sublinear infinite series had been completed by Dean Hickerson and Gabriel Nivasch in 2006 - see quadratic filter and exponential filter.

Latest news

 600 pattern milestone — June 19th, 2009

LifeWiki is now home to a grand total of 600 patterns and over 750 articles. Exciting new additions to the wiki include weekly featured articles on the front page (as well as trivia snippets), rules boxes on pattern pages that describe what rules that particular pattern functions under, a much more complete list of the smallest known oscillators of each period, our first few articles about reflectors and recent reflector developments (see the rectifier), and several more pages detailing the accomplishments of specific Life enthusiasts. As always, thanks to all of our contributors!

 500 pattern milestone — April 26th, 2009

Over 500 patterns are now catalogued in LifeWiki, and there are over 600 articles total. Some of the most notable recent additions to the database include the addition of glider syntheses in the infoboxes of patterns, greatly expanded information about first-discovered and smallest known spaceships and oscillators of specific speeds and periods, expanded articles about other Life-like cellular automata (such as 2x2, HighLife, and Move), and the first few pages to describe the accomplishments of specific Life enthusiasts (see Noam Elkies for an example). Thanks to all of our contributors!

Pattern collection

The LifeWiki contains one of the most comprehensive catalogue of patterns available on the internet. Within it you will find:

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