Michael Simkin

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Michael Simkin
Born Unknown
Residence Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown

Michael Simkin is a Life enthusiast who has contributed to various fields of Conway's Game of Life research.

He constructed the Caterloopillar, an engineered spaceship which can be adjusted to travel at an infinite number of orthogonal speeds.[1] It won the Pattern of the Year competition for 2016, beating the copperhead by a small margin.[2]

He also found switch engine ping-pong (the smallest known pattern exhibiting quadratic growth) and the Simkin glider gun, which is the smallest known gun and was the runner-up in the Pattern of the Year competition for 2015.[3]

He contributes to the ConwayLife.com forums under the username "simsim314."

Patterns found by Michael Simkin


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