Model D Heisenburp

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Model D
Model D image
Pattern type Miscellaneous
Number of cells 285
Bounding box 204×167
Discovered by Martin Grant
Year of discovery 2013

The Model D Heisenburp[1] is a Heisenburp device that can take the Cordership's spark (of a Cordership of 2-5 engines, or more if switchwave is used) and turn it into gliders. The distance between the bottom and top parts can be adjustable depending on what Cordership is going through, but adjusting it too far will increase the repeat time. On the other hand, moving it nearer will reduce the repeat time, such as if a 2- or 3-engine Cordership is going through instead of a 4- or 5-engine Cordership. In the infobox, 3 Corderships (which are the 2-engine Cordership, 3-engine Cordership and 4-engine Cordership) are being detected.

Following the discovery of the syringe several years later, Chris Cain assembled a smaller and faster "Model F Heisenburp".[2]


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