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Gems rule
Rulestring 4568/3457
Rule integer 188600
Character Exploding
Black/white reversal B15678/S02678

Gems is a Life-like cellular automaton in which dead cells are born if they have precisely three, four, five or seven live neighbors, and in which live cells will survive if they have precisely four, five, six or eight live neighbors. Small random initial configurations in Gems tend to turn into high-period oscillators (the "gems" the rule is named after); larger random initial configurations explode slowly.


No still lives exist in Gems, and no odd period oscillators have been found in Gems.


Gems has a single known spaceship moving orthogonally at a speed of c/5648, Eppstein's glider 13047.

Glider 13047 (c/5648 orthogonal)

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