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Snowflakes rule
Rulestring 02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e/2ci3ai4c8
Character Chaotic

Snowflakes is a non-totalistic Life-like cellular automaton by users BlinkerSpawn and danny that is omniperiodic. It is named by a very common 21 cell still life that has a 2 cell seed:

x=21, y = 9, rule = B2ci3ai4c8/S02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e $4bo$2b5o$2bo3bo$b2obob2o6bobo$2bo3bo$2b5o$4bo!



There are two very important small orthogonal spaceships:

x=10, y = 3, rule = B2ci3ai4c8/S02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e 6bo2bo$obo3b3o$3o4bo!

The G is c/2, the R is 2c/4. There exist G guns for all possible periods, the lowest being 11. The same is true for the R gun, but no guns have ever been found of periods 9 and 10, the former being the lowest period possible.

Next to c/2 orthogonal, known spaceship speeds are 2c/6 orthogonal, 2c/19 orthogonal and 2c/12 diagonal, with the smallest examples being:

x=41, y = 10, rule = B2ci3ai4c8/S02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e 9b6o10b3o10bo$5bo2b5obo10bobo9b3o$3o6bobobobo9b3o12bo$8bob3obo9bo3bo$ 4b3o2bo2b3o22bo2bo$bo6bobo10bo9bo$8b3o10bo4bo4bo$5bo15bo9bo$23bo5bo$ 26bo!

The latter two spaceships have since appeared naturally in C1 soups, and have a synthesis from G's. For all known speeds there are puffers, but only the orthogonal speeds have rakes.

A universal constructor is in the works by Goldtiger997 and several other users, which may lead to a very high-period spaceship, much like Life's universal constructor-based spaceships.

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