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|name        = Overweight Spaceship
|name        = Overweight spaceship
|pname        = owss
|pname        = owss
|c            = 15
|c            = 15

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Overweight spaceship
4o$o3bo$o$bo2bo$5bo$bo5bo$o$o6bo$7o4$4o$o3bo$o$bo2bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]]
Pattern type Miscellaneous
Number of cells 15
Bounding box 8×5
Discovered by John Conway
Year of discovery 1970

An overweight spaceship (or OWSS for short) is a would-be spaceship similar to the lightweight spaceship, middleweight spaceship and heavyweight spaceship, but longer. On its own an overweight spaceship is unstable because the three cells at its top do not die off like the corresponding sparks at the top of the smaller spaceships. Nonetheless, it can be escorted by true spaceships to form a flotilla.

Overweight Spaceship with escort

For OWSS with top spark over 4, minimal escort size difference is 4, as shown.


It is also possible to stabilize the OWSS with more OWSS, which then have to be stabilized by more OWSS/A *WSS. An example is shown below.

Overweight Spaceship supported by more overweight spaceships.

In other rules

The non-totalistic rule FattyLife (B3-n4nt5qr6i/S23) is specifically tailored to support the overweight spaceship with spark length 3, making it a p8 spaceship.

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