Pi orbital

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Pi orbital
x = 59, y = 59, rule = B3/S23 14b2o10b2o$13bo2bo8bo2bo$13b3o2b6o2b3o$16b2o6b2o$15bo10bo$15b2obo4bob 2o$20b2o$12bo25b2o10bo$7b4o3bo4bo6bo11b2o10bo$10bo3bo2b5o2bo3b4o18bo$ 14bo2b5o2bo3bo20b2o$11bo6b3o3bo22bo$12b2o5bo7bo18bo4bo$25b2o19bo9b2o$ 48b3o5bobo$53b2obobo$53bobobo$55bo$35b2o11bo5bo2bo$7b2o26bobo10b2o4bo$ 7b2o28b2o9bo5bo3bo$35bobo16bo3bo$20b2o13b2o17bo$23bobo28bo2bo$25bo21b 3o5bo$23bo21bo7bobobo$19bo25bo4bo2b2obobo$9bo10b2o24bo9bobo$9bo38b2o6b 2o$9bo39bo$b2o6b2o38bo$obo9bo36bo$obob2o2bo4bo$bobobo7bo$3bo5b3o$bo2bo $4bo$o3bo$o3bo5bo39b2o$4bo4b2o39b2o$bo2bo5bo$3bo$bobobo$obob2o$obo5b3o $b2o9bo19b2o$7bo4bo18bo7bo5b2o$11bo22bo3b3o6bo$8b2o20bo3bo2b5o2bo$8bo 18b4o3bo2b5o2bo3bo$8bo10b2o11bo6bo4bo3b4o$8bo10b2o25bo$37b2o$32b2obo4b ob2o$32bo10bo$33b2o6b2o$30b3o2b6o2b3o$30bo2bo8bo2bo$31b2o10b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]]
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 305
Bounding box 59×59
Period 168
Mod Unknown
Heat 270.7
Volatility Unknown
Strict volatility Unknown
Discovered by Noam Elkies
Year of discovery 1995

Pi orbital is a period 168 oscillator that was found by Noam Elkies in August 1995. It works by using four crowns and four blocks to turn a pi heptomino ninety degrees every 42 generations. A second pi heptomino can be inserted to reduce the period to 84. On March 26, 2009 Nicolay Beluchenko found a relatively small period 12 sparker that could replace the crowns.

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Generation 27 reveals the pi heptomino
An alternate version of pi orbital using Nicolay Beluchenko's period 12 oscillator
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