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#REDIRECT [[p29 pre-pulsar shuttle]]
|name            = Pre-pulsar shuttle 29
|pname            = prepulsarshuttle29
|f1              = Shuttle
|c                = 54
|bx              = 28
|by              = 28
|p                = 29
|m                = 29
|h                = 41.5
|v                = 0.90
|discoverer      = David Buckingham
|discoveryear    = 1980
|rulemin          = B3/S23
|rulemax          = B3/S2378
|rulespecial      = [[Conway's Game of Life|Conway Life]]
|life105          = true
|life106          = true
|plaintext        = true
|rle              = true
|animated        = true
|apgcode          = xp29_y8ca23z252y24eexcczg8gy28ssy366xg0s4z01y76e6x6e6w11zzy8252y1252
|pentadecathlonid = 54P29.1
'''Pre-pulsar shuttle 29''' (or '''prime'''{{citation needed}}) is a [[period]] [[:Category:Oscillators with period 29|29]] [[shuttle]] [[oscillator]] discovered by [[David Buckingham]] on August 2, [[:Category:patterns_found_in_1980|1980]],<ref>{{CiteHickersonOscillators|accessdate=June 16, 2009}}</ref> making it the first oscillator of that period to be found. In terms of its [[:Category:patterns_with_54_cells|54]] [[cell]]s it is the smallest known period 29 oscillator.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.pentadecathlon.com/objects/class2/class2.php?part=3 |title=Class 2 Objects Catalog |accessdate=June 10, 2009}}</ref> The oscillator works by combining the 15-generation, two-[[tub]] pre-pulsar shuttle mechanism used in [[Eureka]] with a 14-generation pre-pulsar shuttle mechanism. [[hassle|Hassling]] pre-pulsars in this way was the only known way of constructing period 29 oscillators until the discovery of the [[P29 traffic-farm hassler]], and some variations of this shuttle are shown below.  In September [[:Category:patterns found in 1994|1994]] [[Bill Gosper]] found that two copies of pre-pulsar shuttle 29 could be used to hassle a [[pentadecathlon]]. Gosper used it to construct the [[P58 toadsucker]].
==Image gallery==
|[[Image:Prepulsar29_gen4.png|framed|left|[[Generation]] 4 reveals two pre-pulsars (black) being hassled by a 15-generation mechanism (green) and a 14-generation mechanism (red).]]
|[[Image:Prepulsar29_v2.png|framed|left|A slightly larger version of this oscillator with just one pre-pulsar (black) and an alternate 14-generation stabilization (red)<br />{{JavaRLE|prepulsarshuttle29v2|brief}}]]
|[[Image:Prepulsar29_v3.png|framed|left|A much larger version of this oscillator with four pre-pulsars<br />{{JavaRLE|prepulsarshuttle29v3|brief}}]]
[[Category:Sparkers with period 29]]
[[Category:Strong sparkers]]
==See also==
* [[Pre-pulsar shuttle oscillators]]
== External links ==
[[Category:Pre-pulsar shuttle oscillators]]

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