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{{Oscillator|p=29|bx=27|by=18|h=24.7|name=Pre-pulsar shuttle 29|pname=prepulsarshuttle29|c=56|life105=true|life106=true|plaintext=true|rle=true|animated=true}}
#REDIRECT [[p29 pre-pulsar shuttle]]
'''Pre-pulsar shuttle 29''' is a [[period]] [[:Category:Oscillators with period 29|29]] [[shuttle]] [[oscillator]] in which two [[beehive]]s and two [[tub]]s [[hassle]] a [[pre-pulsar]]. Hassling pre-pulsars in this way is currently the only known way of constructing period 29 oscillators, and some variations of this shuttle are shown below.
==Image gallery==
Image:Prepulsar29_gen4.png|Generation 4 reveals that the object being hassled is a pre-pulsar
Image:Prepulsar29_v2.png|A slightly larger version of this oscillator with two pre-pulsars<br />{{JavaRLE|prepulsar29v2|brief}}
Image:Prepulsar29_v3.png|A much larger version of this oscillator with four pre-pulsars<br />{{JavaRLE|prepulsar29v3|brief}}

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