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{{Pattern|type=Sawtooth|name=Sawtooth 1212|discoverer=Dean Hickerson|discoveryear=1991|pname=sawtooth1|c=983|bx=173|by=114|life105=true|life106=true|plaintext=true|rle=true}}
'''Sawtooth 1212''' is an orthogonal [[sawtooth]] with expansion factor 21 that was discovered by [[:Category:Patterns found by Dean Hickerson|Dean Hickerson]] on April 10, [[:Category:Patterns found in 1991|1991]]. It was the first sawtooth to be constructed.
Its population in generation t = 18(21<sup>n</sup>) + 222 (n &ge; 0) is 7t/60 + 1290, but the population in generation 6(21<sup>n</sup>) + 193 (n &ge; 1) is only 1212. It works by using a [[spark]] from a [[turtle]] to turn a [[heavyweight spaceship]] into a [[loaf]], which is then pulled back by pairs of [[lightweight spaceship]]s. When the loaf is pulled all the way back, another heavyweight spaceship is fired towards the turtle, starting the cycle again. The heavyweight spaceship synthesis, which uses two [[glider]]s, [[Kok's galaxy]], and a [[figure eight]], is due to [[:Category:Patterns found by David Buckingham|David Buckingham]].
==Image gallery==
Image:Sawtooth1_later.png|Sawtooth 1212 works by sending out a stream of c/2 lightweight spaceships to collide with a c/3 turtle, creating loaves along the way.
Image:Sawtooth1_pop.png|The number of alive cells plotted versus the number of elapsed [[generation]]s roughly forms an ever-increasing sawtooth graph.
|{{#ev:youtube|EPx4TUZVdBc|300|left|Sawtooth 1212 evolving through three of its ever-expanding cycles}}
==External links==
*[http://www.math.ntnu.edu.tw/act/math_camp/Lab/Life/sawtoot3.lif Sawtooth 1212] - Life 1.05 file and description

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