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Soup search or soup searching is a method of searching for interesting objects. It is done by running random soups in a specific rule and usually counting the results and tabulating them. This method is easy to implement into C and Python, making it a popular method of searching. It was used by the Online Life-Like CA Soup Search, and is currently used by apgsearch.

Soup searching is also a popular method of searching for methuselahs and diehards, and methuselahs such as Fred and later 47575M and 49768M have been found using this method.


To do this, simply select an area, random fill it (Ctrl+5 in Golly), and run it until it stabilizes, after it has stabilized, either count the objects or look for an interesting object.


Sometimes, soup search software offer different symmetries, usually D2_+1, D2_+2, D8_4, and D8_1. The "no symmetry" "symmetry" is called C1.

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