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A tagalong (or less commonly a tugalong[1]) is an object that is not a spaceship by itself, but can be attached to one or more spaceships to form a larger spaceship. For example, Canada goose is a spaceship made by attaching a tagalong to the back of a glider. Well-known tagalongs include Schick engine, fly, sidecar and sparky.


A pushalong is a tagalong that is located at the front of the spaceship that it is attached to. Pushalong 1 is an example that was found by David Bell in 2005 that can be attached to the front of a middleweight spaceship.[2] Another pushalong can be seen at 114P6H1V0.

Still life tagalong

A still life tagalong
RLE: here

A still life tagalong is a tagalong that takes the form of a still life in at least one phase. An example is shown to the right in which the tagalong looks like a pond.[3] Certain other such reactions, such as a block being pulled by two sparkers of speed (1,0)c/p (p for period, p≥4), are known.[4]

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