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Major page revision

I pretty much added everything to this page. The content is mostly what I know, and so some information, such as definitions, may not be standard, but I tried to make them understandable. This article could use references to the information that I pulled off the top of my head (finding these might be difficult), so if you ever notice anything that coincides with the information here, please add it as a "reference". Also, I think it would be helpful to have an image of a small object (such as a beehive or a blinker) with its bounding box highlighted (in like... green, or something) such that one can easily see both the pattern and the bounding box (you can see why the block would not be ideal for this). This image should have at least one cell of padding around the bounding box.

~Sokwe 03:43, 24 April 2009 (UTC)