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I do not know how to do a proposed move.

This name is very strange for me, even though it converts a glider to 2 blocks, because it doesn't allow putting 2 blocks at random places. In other words, it is not adjustable. It puts it in a speical pattern, which is half of a blockade. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Entity Valkyrie (talkcontribs)

A good way to do a proposed move would be to put something in the Talk page for the article -- but don't just then go ahead and move the article, please.
There are lots of strange and not-really-correct names on the LifeWiki. Herschel should really be "Huygens" (though that would be even harder for people to to spell right); dependent conduit should really be, I don't know, "dependable conduit" or something like that -- they're not dependent on anything.
But nonetheless, those are the standard accepted names of those objects. All references to those objects for the last decade or two have been using those names, however wildly inaccurate we may think they are. So if someone wants to look up those objects on the LifeWiki, they'd better be able to look up "Herschel" and "dependent conduit", not whatever random name someone might suddenly decide is an improvement.
In this case you moved an article for a pattern with a pname of "gliderto2blocks" to "glider to semi-blockade". "Half-blockade" gets 7 hits for uses on various forum threads where "semi-blockade" doesn't seem to get any at all. If nobody has ever referred to this pattern as "glider to semi-blockade" before, why should we be making people look it up under "glider to semi-blockade"? Sergey Petrov (Guam), the discoverer of the pattern, called it ... you guessed it ... "glider to 2 blocks". When in doubt about whether to leave an article where it is, or move it to a term that no one has ever used before, your choice should be pretty clear: leave it where it is.
There's an entry in the Life Lexicon under "glider to 2 blocks" also, so if the name change were a good idea it would have to be good enough to be worth going and changing in that location as well. That's not the kind of thing that's ever likely to happen. What would maybe happen instead is that a redirect might get added from "glider to half-blockade" to the original term "glider to 2 blocks". -- But please don't do that until you see someone other than you refer to the mechanism as "glider to half-blockade", in a conversation where they expect to be understood. Dvgrn (talk) 01:25, 22 November 2018 (UTC)
There are a couple of possible reset gliders, it turns out, and one of them is on a transparent lane so doesn't have to be guarded by a bistable switch as suggested in the text:

x = 146, y = 178, rule = B3/S23 58bobo$57bo$57bo$57bo2bo$57b3o60$58bobo$57bo$57bo$57bo2bo$57b3o17$64b 2o$64b2o$76b2o$77bo$74b3o$74bo2$70b2o$70b2o2$81b2o$81b2o7$65b2o$65b2o 5$49b3o$51bo$50bo42$3o$2bo$bo20$143b3o$143bo$144bo! Dvgrn (talk) 03:35, 22 November 2018 (UTC)