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I have made some major edits to this page as I found that the old page was somewhat difficult to read. I would like to see more added to the history section of this page, especially more references. My initial idea for that section was to provide information on the various searches that people had made, as well as the discovery of new spaceship speeds, but other information on the history of spaceships would also be nice. Also, if somebody would rewrite some of this page so that it used the word "spaceship" somewhat less, I believe that would be helpful.

I was wondering if separate pages should be made for each spaceship speed, in addition to the categories of patterns that travel at those speeds, as I find that the category pages don't provide the necessary information that one might be looking for when going to such a page. I also believe that pages should be made for individuals who have made significant contributions to life.

More in relation to this page, I was wondering if the table of smallest known spaceships for a given speed should get its own section in this article, or whether it should be put in a new sub-section with other information. I am assuming that the table of spaceship speed discoveries will be in the history section.

Sokwe 17:36, 18 April 2009 (UTC)