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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Template:LinkEppstein]]
* [[Template:LinkLexicon]]
* [[Template:LinkWeisstein]]</noinclude>

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This is a template for including links to Adam P. Goucher's Catagolue in the "External Links" section of an article. It can take three parameters: code, which specifies the extended Wechsler code of the object linked to; rule, which specifies the rulestring to use (default b3s23); and patternname, which specifies the name of the pattern as it will appear in the link text. If patternname is omitted, the name of the current article will be used by default.

Here is a simple example of its usage:

You type:


You see:

  • Block at Adam P. Goucher's Catagolue

See also

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