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Pattern Name
{{{name}}} image

Pattern type Reflector
Number of cells Unknown
Bounding box Unknown
Angle Unknown
Period Unknown
Heat Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Year of discovery Unknown

This is an infobox template for reflectors. An example can be seen to the right.
Note: This template was only designed for glider reflectors. If other types of reflectors are to be included then the template will need to be updated to provide this information.

Special Parameters

  • type only supports "stable"; if it is an oscillating reflector leave this parameter undefined.
  • p is simply the period of an oscillating reflector; however, for stable reflectors this is the repeat time.
  • a is the angle of the output glider in relation to the input glider (should be one of two values: 90 or 180).
  • isosc tells whether the reflector can function as an oscillator on its own (some reflectors require a constant stream of gliders). If the pattern can not function as an oscillator on its own this parameter should be "false", otherwise leave it undefined.


The image in this infobox should NOT include the glider that is to be reflected (except in the case of reflectors that require a constant stream of gliders); this can be added below in an image gallery. The animation for an oscillating reflector should NOT show the reflection capabilities of the pattern but merely the oscillator itself (except in the case of patterns that need a constant stream of gliders). Stable reflectors should not have an animated image in this infobox. Instead, an animation of the reflection capabilities (for both stable and oscillating reflectors) can be linked to in the image gallery. Do NOT place animated images directly onto the page; instead, consider using a static image of the reflector with a caption that links to the animation. An example is shown below:

Example image gallery

A buckaroo reflecting a glider
View animated image