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Hi! Welcome to my user page
Here is a introduction[1] on the forum.


Soup search on Catagolue

  • Under name ""[2]
    • First C1 49k Methuselah[3]. It lasts 49132 gens.
    • First C1 52k Methuselah[4]. 52513M
  • And some other names with prefix "Cloud_"
    • Cloud_Bach[5] Voyager Badges


  • Smallest known 3c/7 orthogonal spaceship 313P7H3V0 Anura(2020/12/29) and 257P7H3V0 Soba(2021/01/01).
  • The front partial of second elementary Knight Sprayer(2021/1/22-2021/5/09)

Ski Life(B3-k/S23-i)[6]

Search-request bot of Discord. source code on Gitlab[7]