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This is my userpage™©®.


About Me

Real Name: My name really IS Saka.
Birth date: 29 November 2004.
Location: I live in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Look that up.
What I do on the wiki: I like to make tutorials and infoboxes!
Other interests: I like making scripts for Golly in Python. My other hobby is growing plants, I "specialize" in orchids.
CA Interests: Spaceships in Diamoeba, Rules with weird dynamics, LTL, Solid ships, Spaceships.

Pages in my UserSpace

I dont know what it's called.

Things To Do

I need to do the following on the Wiki:

  • Make the articles for Tutorials
    • LSSS
    • Your First Python Script
    • ntzfind
    • Update the LLS tutorial with stuff
      • Development version differences Done, I think.
      • Custom search patterns
    • WLS
    • Add some stuff to the "Finding good rules" tutorial
      • Some details for OT and INT
      • LTL?
  • Make some articles for LTL rules (Maybe).
    • Mainly Bugs / Bosco's Rule (Wait, someone made it already?), maybe even Soldier Bugs?

Not on the wiki, but still related to cellular automata:

  • Finish Diamoeba taxonomy thing
  • Continue those dang LSSS searches
  • Revisit the "Spaceship Survivals" project? I'm not sure why people list these things, but it does feel good, hmm.

Miscellaneous Test Stuff

These are some pages that I use mostly to test stuff out on Wright's Caterer bot's !wiki command over on the ConwayLife Lounge Discord

Test Pages