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Announcement: Due to the upgrading of the forum software, the following weapons (un)fortunately no longer work. The following text is kept as a record of historical events.

The following is an extremely dramatized portrayal of real events (AKA Based on a true story!). Details may be significantly exaggerated. Do not take any of the following as unbiased fact.


The Beginning

On the date 21 June 2017, Aidan F. Pierce finished constructing his latest weapon. There on the reply box was sitting... Aidan Mode. Aidan pressed submit. Then chaos happened. Aidan F. Pierce has created the first pagebreaker, a series of weapons designed to ruin a page of any thread on the ConwayLife forums. He got the materials needed from Saka's last test, where it was found that if you put a URL tag in a wiki tag, a postlink html tag will be generated. Following the event, Daniel and Saka were shocked to find that the page was broken. Then Saka experimented with Aidan Mode and found that all the text was bigger and that everything in the replies were centered. Saka then made the next pagebreaker, though it is not as lethal, it was the Saka Quote, a non-lethal weapon that pushes things down and quotes the entire message. But then Aidan discovered that if you put enough Saka quotes together, the whole page will get quoted. Aidan then posted a derivative of Aidan Mode with code tags. Daniel could not resist. He made his own pagebreaker, now named "Daniel Mode". It was the first pagebreaker that generated nested scrollbars. To end the sufferings of the page, Aidan posted a few things and made a new page. In a reaction to the damage that had been done to page 3, Daniel posted:

This will soon be a myth in the life community. "Don't go on page 3 of testing grounds, it's haunted. You will get a headache and immediately reach for the closest gun so you can end the throbbing pain that consumes you as the demons send infected text files towards each of your relatives, and they will begin (along with you) bleeding hyper-realistic blood" - Daniel R. Collazo

The Aidan Superqoute

Toroidalet could not resist. He joined in. Because of this, the page was not clean anymore. Aidan decided to test his new megaweapon... It was very lethal, the whole page would collapse, getting quoted, new replies were not visible, everything after the Aidan Superquote was gone. Saka requested the removal of the Aidan Superqoute. The Aidan Superqoute was a megaweapon made of 20 consecutive Saka Quotes. Aidan was not satisfied with the size of the weapons. He then invented the smallest pagebreaker known, the Aidan Bomb. The Aidan Bomb generated many nested scrollbars and pushed all future replies into the box of nested scrollbars. Because of this, Saka posted 3 posts in order to create a new page.

Psychological Effect

Besides the pages the weapons were used on, more users surrendered to the power of Aidan Mode and started to manufacture weapons. They were not forced to surrender to Aidan Mode. The mere exposure to the power of Aidan Mode made users tremble in awe and submission. They knew rejecting the truth of the true power of Aidan Mode was futile. Their regular posts were vastly inferior to the power of Aidan Mode, which manipulated the very fabric of the forum layout which was arranged carefully by the legendary Ancient Developers and Designers. Moreover, it took advantage of one of Forum Administrator Nathaniel's latest blessing, the wiki tag, and also Moderator Rowett's blessing of the viewer.

List of Weapons

(Details will be written at a future date.)

  • Aidan Mode
  • Aidan Bomb
  • Daniel Mode
  • Fluffykitty Pusher
  • Saka Quote

The Upgrading

The Upgrading was a major event in the forums, affecting every nation. The upgrading was an act of Forum Administrator Nathaniel, and thus can not be questioned or rejected. The Upgrading changed the face of the conwaylife forums as we knew it. I, Saka, the author of this text, admittedly initially disliked the visual changes brought about the Upgrading, but over time I have come to accept the fact that change can be good. We can not improve and cater to the expectations and standards of this modern era if we do not change our ways, even if that means changing long-standing traditions and views. I recall the day it happened, my eyes wept at the sight of an updated forum. My eyes, which were formerly used to the light colors of the old forum, were appalled by the more saturated colors of the upgraded forum. But as I have stated, I have accepted this change, and I sometimes do long for the old forum theme...

Effects on Aidan Mode

Departing from the general effects of The Upgrading, it also affected the formerly impressive arsenal of advanced weapons a few have developed, heavily. As people checked on the Aidan Mode Testing Grounds, they were shocked. Some danced in joy, and some wept in sorrow. The weapons we had were now... useless. They have been reduced to lame codeboxes and dark, blank viewers. The former Testing Grounds which we had specifically built and constructed were now rendered useless, and all they contain now are just some codeboxes and blank viewers. No nested scrollbars, no giant text, no lag. It has become like a fallen empire, once with advanced technology (i.e. nested scrollbars), now gone. The only remnants of it's once immense power being strange nesting of quotes and viewers.

The Future: Is All Lost?

The future of Aidan Mode is hotly debated among the users of the forums. Some argue that phpBB will never be perfect, and new weapons might be possible to construct. Attempts have been made, although to no avail. At this time, the 8th of 4/20, there have been no advancements or even many efforts to create a new weapon for this modern era. I do not know what to put here, as the future of Aidan Mode is still fuzzy, we just don't know... perhaps one day...