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"none of the below links should be read"... well, I hope someone reads them! And while I'm being pointlessly annoying and have my Spelling Hat on, I'd like to mention that I've noticed you have a consistently non-standard spelling of the word "explicitly".

Thanks for the Ongoing Life Lexicon Typos posting. If you're up for it, you could document any improvements you make to Lexicon entries, as you're moving them into the LifeWiki -- even just additional links, etc. -- if you think they could usefully be copied back to the Lexicon. I'm basically doing the same thing, adding a few extra links here and there, or even an example pattern on occasion. But I can do that directly in the source text file.

Speaking of which, might you be interested in having write access to that Lexicon text file? It's hosted on Google Drive, and currently shared only with David Bell. There's a nice utility called Drive Notepad that makes it pretty easy to jump in and fix stuff like "by by", if I just give you access. Email if you want to become a member of this highly select group...

On following the link to Herschel conduit yesterday, I noticed that non-red links may still need a lot of work. What would be a good way of marking Lexicon terms as "reviewed, OK" and not just "there's something there"? Dvgrn (talk) 15:57, 11 February 2018 (UTC)