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Sirrobin tiny.png
Spaceship Yes
Puffer No
Rake No
Wickstretcher No
Gun No

(2,1)c/6 is a knightwise speed that is equivalent to one third of the speed of light.


On March 7, 2018 Adam P. Goucher and Tomas Rokicki discovered the first (2,1)c/6 spaceship, Sir Robin.

In July, three tagalongs were discovered, dubbed minstrels. One of those is capable of supporting one end of knightwave, a (2,1)c/6 wave discovered by Kiho Park.

More recently, thirteen other tagalongs were found for Sir Robin, many of which consist of multiple individual minstrels combined, as well as a stabilization for both ends of the knightwave. On top of that, a nontrivial flotilla of two Sir Robins was discovered, allowing for knightwise branching spaceships.

Almost spaceships

Prior to the discovery of Sir Robin, Eugene Langvagen found an almost knightship which differed from its original phase by only two cells:

generation 0 (left) and generation 6 (right) show that the pattern is different by only two cells

In early 2018, Tomas Rokicki found four other partials with this property, all with the same frontend as Sir Robin. The longest of these was fed into ikpx by Adam P. Goucher to encourage it to explore a different area of search space; Sir Robin swiftly dropped out of the program within a few hours.

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