3-engine Cordership

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3-engine Cordership
31b3o24b$32bo25b$32bo2bo22b$32bo2bo22b$33bobo22b$48b2o8b$48b2o8b3$32bo 25b$31bobo24b$32bo25b$49bo8b$48bo7b2o$30b4o22b2o$30b2o3bo10bo11b$31bo 4bo9bobo9b$33bob2o10bo10b$34bo23b3$42bobob2o10b$25bo16bobo13b$24b3o17b o2bo10b$43bo3bo10b$24b3o16b4o2b2o7b$25b2ob2o14bo5b2o6b$27bo21bo8b3$b3o 54b$2bo55b$2bo2bo52b$2bo2bo52b$3bobo52b$18b2o38b$18b2o38b$24bo33b$23b 3o32b$2bo19b2ob2o31b$bobo18bobo33b$2bo19bo35b3$4o54b$2o3bo13bo38b$bo4b o11bobo37b$3bob2o11bo39b$4bo15b2o36b$21bo36b$18b3o37b$19b2o37b$16bo41b $16b2o40b$16b2o40b$6b2o6b2o42b$6b2o4b2o44b$12b2obo42b$14b2o42b5$14b2o 42b$14b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ ZOOM 4 TRACKLOOP 96 -1/12 -1/12 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 12 HEIGHT 480 WIDTH 480 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Family Cordership
Number of cells 149
Bounding box 58×65
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Mod 48
Speed c/12
Speed (unsimplified) 8c/96
Heat 156.1
Discovered by Paul Tooke
Year of discovery 2004

The 3-engine Cordership is a c/12 diagonal spaceship that was discovered by Paul Tooke on January 12, 2004. Until the 2-engine Cordership was found, it was the Cordership that used the fewest number of known possible switch engines. Despite this, the 4-engine Cordership is smaller in terms of minimum population (the 2-engine Cordership beating both).

David Bell discovered in 2005 that the 3-engine Cordership can be used to turn a lightweight spaceship 90 degrees as shown below.[1] It could be constructed with 15 gliders, and Tooke created a gun for this spaceship only a week after its original construction (see 3-engine Cordership gun). In March 2017 Luka Okanishi discovered a three-glider synthesis for a switch engine, which reduced the recipe to only 11 gliders.[2]

The 3-engine Cordership can easily be destroyed by three eater 1s and four blocks, as shown below. This cleanup reaction was found by Jason Summers.

On September 15, 2020, wwei23 discovered several variant 3-engine Corderships, including one that cleans up its trailing blocks with sideways gliders, similar to a 5-, 6-, or 7-in-a-row Cordership.[3]

Incremental construction

Dave Greene discovered a glider synthesis for upgrading a switch engine to a wing, which can be repeated to form the complete Cordership. Adam P. Goucher then built a Herschel conduit to convert a glider into a 3-engine Cordership.[4]

Image gallery

x = 87, y = 95, rule = B3/S23 46b2o$25bo20b2o$25b3o$28bo$27b2o4$54b2o$54b2o15$18bo$18b3o$21bo$20b2o 3$60b3o$61bo$61bo2bo$b2o58bo2bo$2bo59bobo$2bobo72b2o$3b2o72b2o3$61bo$ 60bobo$61bo$78bo$77bo7b2o$59b4o22b2o$59b2o3bo10bo$60bo4bo9bobo$62bob2o 10bo$63bo3$71bobob2o$54bo16bobo$53b3o17bo2bo$2o70bo3bo$2o51b3o16b4o2b 2o$54b2ob2o14bo5b2o$56bo21bo3$30b3o$31bo$8b2o21bo2bo$8b2o21bo2bo$32bob o$47b2o$47b2o$53bo$52b3o$31bo19b2ob2o$30bobo18bobo$31bo19bo3$29b4o$29b 2o3bo13bo$30bo4bo11bobo$32bob2o11bo$33bo15b2o$50bo$47b3o$48b2o$45bo$ 45b2o$45b2o$35b2o6b2o$35b2o4b2o$41b2obo$43b2o5$43b2o$43b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] [[ ZOOM 5 HEIGHT 480 ]]
3-engine Cordership eater using eater 1s and blocks
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RLE: here Plaintext: here
x = 63, y = 68, rule = B3/S23 36b3o$37bo$37bo2bo$37bo2bo$38bobo$53b2o$53b2o3$37bo$36bobo$37bo$54bo$ 53bo7b2o$35b4o22b2o$35b2o3bo10bo$36bo4bo9bobo$38bob2o10bo$39bo3$47bobo b2o$30bo16bobo$29b3o17bo2bo$48bo3bo$29b3o16b4o2b2o$30b2ob2o14bo5b2o$ 32bo21bo3$6b3o$7bo$7bo2bo$7bo2bo$8bobo$23b2o$23b2o$29bo$28b3o$7bo19b2o b2o$6bobo18bobo$7bo19bo3$5b4o$5b2o3bo13bo$6bo4bo11bobo$8bob2o11bo$9bo 15b2o$26bo$23b3o$24b2o$21bo$21b2o$21b2o$11b2o6b2o$11b2o4b2o$17b2obo$ 19b2o5$19b2o$b2o16b2o$4o$2ob2o$2b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] [[ ZOOM 6 HEIGHT 480 ]]
3-engine Cordership about to reflect a lightweight spaceship by 90 degrees
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RLE: here Plaintext: here

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