4-engine Cordership

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4-engine Cordership
46bo29b$46bo29b$48bo5bo21b$47bo6bobo19b$46bo3bo2bo22b$47bo2bobob2o20b$ 52bob2o20b$66b2o8b$66b2o8b7$74b2o$74b2o$55b2o3bo15b$53b3o4b2o14b$48b3o bo8b2o13b$52bobo2b5o14b$53bo3b3o16b3$40bo35b$40bo7bo27b$40bo5b3o27b$ 39b2o3bobo29b$45bo2bo27b$44bo2b2o27b10$27bo48b$24b4o48b4$27bobo46b$28b o47b$2o2bo21b2o48b$3bobo20bo2bo46b$2bo16bo5b2ob2o46b$19bo56b$4b2o13bo 56b2$5b2o12b2o55b$4bo13bo2bo54b$2b2ob2o11bobo55b$5b2o10b2o57b$3bo13bo 58b$20b2o54b$20b2o54b$20b2o54b$17b2obo55b$18b3o55b$19bo56b4$7b2o67b$7b 2o67b7$15b2o59b$15b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ ZOOM 4 TRACKLOOP 96 -1/12 -1/12 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 12 HEIGHT 480 WIDTH 480 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Family Cordership
Number of cells 134
Bounding box 76×76
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Mod 96
Speed c/12
Speed (unsimplified) 8c/96
Heat 178.0
Discovered by David Bell
Year of discovery 2005

The 4-engine Cordership is a c/12 diagonal spaceship that was discovered by David Bell on July 9, 2005.[1] It is composed of four switch engines. It was the smallest known Cordership in terms of its minimum population of 134 cells until it was superseded by the 2-engine Cordership, and the second-smallest until the discovery of various smaller 4-engine Corderships by Ian07 in September 2020,[2] most notably one with only 108 cells in its minimum phase.[3] David Bell used this spaceship to create a small sawtooth, sawtooth 260.[4]

An analysis of this Cordership reveals that the inner two and outer two switch engines have some degree of temporal independence from each other. The reason is that the inner exhaust from the outer engines create a block that is then hit by the inner engines' outer exhaust, making a blinker that then gets hit with the outer engines' outer exhaust (as well as a block from the outer engines' outer exhaust) to create another block-this is then destroyed by the outer exhaust from the outer switch engines. Each new object only needs to form in time to get converted into the next object/nothing, and this allows for variability in timing. In addition, there is also a small degree of spatial independence. The inner engines' inner exhaust cancel out via the same interaction as in switchwave, said exhaust still cancels out if the halves are put one cell farther away from each other than usual. As a result, there are many variations of this Cordership.

A slight modification of this Cordership that is asymmetric, with a minimum population of 136 cells, is also quite well-known and displayed below.

In November 2014 Michael Simkin discovered an alternate 4-engine Cordership, with temporally independent front and back halves -- the last two switch engines can be delayed by any number of ticks relative to the front.[5] The front and back halves of the Cordership can be produced by identical glider constructions. These features were used to construct the infinite Corderships gun.[6]

#N extensible 4-engine Cordership #O Michael Simkin, 5 November 2014 #C http://www.conwaylife.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=14135#p14135 x = 302, y = 137, rule = B3/S23 28bo$27bobo$26b2ob2o$3b3o20b2ob2o123bo$2bo3bo18b3o125bobo$bo4bo18b3o3b o12b2o106b2ob2o$o3bo20b3o4bo11b2o83b3o20b2ob2o$o2bob3o18b2o5bo94bo3bo 18b3o$o7bo17b3o98bo4bo18b3o3bo12b2o$2bo3bobo18b2o97bo3bo20b3o4bo11b2o$ 2bo3bob2o18b2o96bo2bob3o18b2o5bo$4b3ob2o33b2o81bo7bo17b3o$20b2o106bo3b obo18b2o$20b2o6bo14b3o6b2o74bo3bob2o18b2o$27b3o13bobo6b2o76b3ob2o33b2o $26bo3bo115b2o$4b2o24b2o13bo100b2o6bo14b3o6b2o$4b2o23b2o13b2o107b3o13b obo6b2o$5bo38b2o106bo3bo$130b2o24b2o13bo$5bo22b2o13b2o85b2o23b2o13b2o$ 28b2o13b3o85bo38b2o$41b3o$3bo5b3o21b3o5bo89bo22b2o13b2o$3bo7bo142b2o 13b3o$3bo5bobo10b2o16b3o124b3o$9b2o10bo2bo15bo88bo5b3o21b3o5bo$20bo3bo 15b3o86bo7bo$22b2o35b2o68bo5bobo10b2o16b3o$59b2o74b2o10bo2bo15bo$16bo 129bo3bo15b3o$14b2o132b2o35b2o$8b2o2b2o5bo165b2o$8b2o4b2o126bo$18bo 121b2o$15b4o115b2o2b2o5bo$14bobo50b2o65b2o4b2o$13bo2b2obo47b2o75bo$14b o4bo121b4o$15bo124bobo50b2o$16bo2bo119bo2b2obo47b2o$16b2o122bo4bo$141b o$142bo2bo$75b2o65b2o$75b2o2$201b2o$201b2o4$83b2o$83b2o2$209b2o$209b2o 4$91b2o$91b2o2$217b2o$217b2o2$268bo$267bobo$99b2o165bo3bo$99b2o166bobo $268bo14b3o$225b2o55bo3bo$225b2o41b4o10b3o2bo$267bo4bo9bo3bo$269bo13b 3o$266bo3bo2bo9b2o7b2o$107b2o157bob3obo19b2o$107b2o158b3obo2$233b2o$ 233b2o50bo$282b5o$281bo$297bo$115b2o165bo3bo9bob2o$115b2o166b3o12b3o$ 289b2o4b3o3bo$241b2o29b2o14bo2bo4b5o$241b2o29b2o13bo5bo5bo$286bo2b2o$ 285b2ob2ob3o$114b3o142b3o15b2o6bo2bo$113bo3bo5b2o133bo17b4o5bob2o$112b o4bo5b2o132bo4b2o11bo4bo5b2o$111bo3bo140bo3bo9bobobo2bo2b2o$111bo2bob 3o130b2o5bo2bo4bo4bo2bobo4b2o$111bo7bo129b2o5bo3bo3bo3bo4bo3b3o$113bo 3bobo137b2obob3o4bo4b2obo$113bo3bob2o139bo11bo$115b3ob2o140b4o6b2o$ 263b2o$88bo6b2o185b3o$87bobo3bo3bo$86bo3bobo3b2o18bo140b2o$87bobo2bobo b2o17bobo139b2o$88bo3bo2b2o17bo$92bo4bo21bo$93bo2bo10b2o5b2o2b2o$95bo 11b2o7bo$114b2obo$113bo3bo$112bo$111b2obob2o$111b2o3bo$112bo2b2o$113b 3o$102bo11bo$91b3o7bo2bo16bo$90bobob2o5bo3bo15bo$90bobob2o5bo3bo15bo$ 90bo3bo5b2o3bo4b3o$91bobo7bo2bo4b2o2bo$92bo15bo3b2o$107bo2b3o$106bo2b 2o$106bo2bo$107bo2bo$95b2o13bo$95b2o11bobo2$106bo$104bob2o$103bo2b2o$ 104b2obo$104b2ob2o$105bobo$106bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART GPS 15 Y -10 Z 2.5 THUMBLAUNCH THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 WIDTH 800 HEIGHT 400 POPUPWIDTH 800 POPUPHEIGHT 400 TRACKLOOP 96 -1/12 -1/12 ]]
Two versions of Michael Simkin's extensible 4-engine Cordership
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The 136-cell variant of the 4-engine Cordership.
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