487-tick reflector

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487-tick reflector
x = 270, y = 174, rule = B3/S23 162b2o$162b2o3$160b2o$160b2o$147b2o$148bo102b2o$148bobo100b2o5b2o$149b 2o107b2o$220b2o$220bobo$222bo33b2o$138b2o82b2o32b2o$139bo122b2o$139bob o120b2o$140b2o2$158b2o37b2o$158b2o37b2o26b2o$225b2o$169b2o$168bo2bo$ 168bobo$169bo3$235b2o$236bo28b2o$220b2o11b3o29bo$151b2o67b2o11bo29bobo $151b2o110b2o2$206b2o23b2o$207bo23bo$175bo28b3o22bobo$175b3o26bo24b2o$ 178bo37b2o$177b2o37bo$217b3o$219bo3$262b2o$262b2o$187b2o$180b2o5bobo$ 180b2o7bo$189b2o$123bo$123b2o$122bobo$250bo$250b3o$181b2o70bo$181b2o 69b2o$192b2o53bo$175b2o8bo6bo54b3o$174bobo7bobo3bobo57bo$174bo9b2o4b2o 57b2o$173b2o3$176b2o$175bobo$175bo70b2o$174b2o70b2o17b2o$265b2o2$203b 2o$183b2o18bo62b2o$183b2o16bobo62bo$201b2o50b2o12b3o$254bo14bo$251b3o$ 251bo$192bo$191bobo$192bo2$220b2o$220b2o3b2o$225b2o2$191b2o$191b2o33b 2o$220b2o4bo$220b2o5b3o$229bo2$209b2o$209bobo$211bo$197b2o12b2o$197b2o 77$b2o$obo$2bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART GPS 60 LOOP 1600 ZOOM 6 THUMBSIZE 2 WIDTH 840 HEIGHT 720 X 70 Y -40 ]]
Pattern type Stable reflector
Number of cells 244
Bounding box 132×95
Angle 90°
Repeat time 487
Discovered by Adam P. Goucher
Year of discovery 2009

The 487-tick reflector is a 0°, 90° and 180° stable reflector and stable glider quintiplicator that was found by Adam P. Goucher in June 2009.[1]

The main Herschel track in this device consists of Herschel receiver, RF48H, F166, R64, Fx77, L112, Fx119 and a Herschel-to-glider converter labelled HSE5T23. Its repeat time at 487 ticks is due to the first stage of staged recovery, where the glider from F166 is reflected to clean up the leftover beehive in Herschel receiver at the cost of a block. The block is later regenerated from the HSE5T23 output entering a glider to block converter.

To make the device a glider-to-Herschel converter, the internal glider reflection could use the equivalent Snark — although it was discovered four years later — so that no succeeding glider to block and HSE5T23 is needed.

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