5-engine Cordership

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5-engine Cordership
67b2o35b$68bo2bo4bo27b$65bo2b3obo2bobo26b$65bo2bo4b4o27b$65bo2bo35b$ 68bo6bo28b$67b2obo33b$75bo11b2o15b$73b2o12b2o15b3$71bo32b$70bobo31b$ 70bobo31b$71bo32b$95b2o7b$95b2o7b2$58bo45b$57b3o19bo24b$56b2ob2o17bobo 23b$57b3o18bobo23b$58bo20bo24b$58bobo43b$58b4o42b$61bo41bo2$57b2ob2o 42b$40b5o7bo3bo5bo41b$38b2o5b2o4bobo3bo3bo42b$38bo7bo4bo6bo45b$38b2o7b o3bo2bo49b$25bo14b2o6bo3b3o49b$24b3o16bo60b$43bo4bo55b$24b3o17b2obo56b $25b2ob2o74b$27bo76b3$b3o100b$2bo67b2o32b$2bo2bo63bobo32b$2bo2bo65bo 32b$3bobo98b$18b2o18b2o64b$18b2o18b2o64b$24bo79b$23b3o78b$2bo19b2ob2o 77b$bobo18bobo79b$2bo19bo81b2$46b2o56b$4o42b2o56b$2o3bo13bo84b$bo4bo 11bobo83b$3bob2o11bo85b$4bo15b2o82b$21bo82b$18b3o83b$19b2o83b$16bo87b$ 16b2o86b$16b2o86b$6b2o6b2o88b$6b2o4b2o90b$12b2obo88b$14b2o88b5$14b2o 88b$14b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ ZOOM 4 TRACKLOOP 96 -1/12 -1/12 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 12 HEIGHT 480 WIDTH 480 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Family Cordership
Number of cells 210
Bounding box 104 × 75
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Mod 96
Speed c/12 | 8c/96
Heat 207.2
Discovered by David Bell
Year of discovery 2005

The 5-engine Cordership is a c/12 diagonal spaceship that was discovered by David Bell on June 5, 2005. Its northeast edge blocks can be suppressed in a number of ways, including the use of a single catalyst as simple as a tub, allowing a sideways glider to be shot out of the Cordership to the right.[1]

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  1. New Compact Corderships at Game of Life News. Posted by Dave Greene on June 18, 2005.

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