6-in-a-row Cordership

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6-in-a-row Cordership
60bo$59b3o14b2o$58bo10bo2bo4bo$59b2ob2o6b3o2bo2bo$60b3ob2o5b2o2bo2bo$ 62b4o9bo2bo$76b3o6b2o$85b2o3$69bo$68bobo$56bo11bobo$55b3o11bo$93b2o$ 55b3o35b2o$56b2ob2o$58bo$77bo$76bobo$76bobo$77bo2$55b3o$57bo$33b3o18b 3o$37bo17bo$37b2o$37bo2bo$38bobo$38bo$37b2o14bo$36bobo13bobo$38b2o11bo $35b2o14bo2bo19bo$37bo12b2obo20b2o$49b3o21bobo$25bo24b2ob2o$25bo24bo2b 2o$25bo8bo16b3o$32bobo17bo$26b3o2bo3bo$27bob5o$33bo$28b2o9$36bo$35b4o$ 33b5obo$32bo6b2o$31bo3bob3o$25bo6bobo2b2o$13bobo7bob2o$12b2ob2o6bobo$ 13bob2o6b2o$2bo14bo$bobo12bo$2ob2o11bo$bo2bo$3b3o$3bobo$4b2o$4b2o3$11b 2o$2bo7bo2bo$3bo7b2o$3b2o$2b3o$36bo$34b2o$3b3o29b2o$bo4bo12b2o$b2o3bo 11bo2bo$3b4o12b2o7$6b2o$6b2o7$14b2o$14b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ TRACKBOX -1/12 -1/12 -1/12 -1/12 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 18 ZOOM 3 WIDTH 480 HEIGHT 480 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Family Cordership
Number of cells 213
Bounding box 95×99
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Mod 96
Speed c/12
Speed (unsimplified) 8c/96
Heat 215.2
Discovered by Dave Greene
Year of discovery 2010

The 6-in-a-row Cordership is a diagonal spaceship that was discovered by Dave Greene on March 13, 2010 while trying to construct a lightweight spaceship rake.[1]

The spaceship consists of the two wings from a 7-in-a-row Cordership, without the central switch engine that requires a 48-tick timing offset between the wings. Like the 5-in-a-row Cordership which also includes one of these wing structures, a simple tub catalyst can be set up to extract one or more gliders from the ship as it passes, by suppressing the creation of a block along the edge.


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