7-engine Cordership

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7-engine Cordership
27bobo41b$26bo44b$27bo2bo40b$29bobo39b$32bo11b3o24b$31b3o37b$31bo39b$ 29b2o40b$31bo13b3o23b$14bo14bo2bo12b3o5b2o16b$13bobo13bobo13b2o6b2o16b $29bo14bo26b$13bo2bo3bob3o17b2o2bo24b$15bo4bo22bo3bo23b$16bob2obobo19b o2bo24b$17b2o3bo21b3o24b$18bo52b$61b2o8b$61b2o8b2$25bo45b$25bo5b3o37b$ 24bobo3b2o2bo36b$25bo3bo5bo35b$25bo3bo41b$30bo2b2o25bo8b2o$bobo27b2o 26bobo7b2o$o58bobo9b$bo2bo54bo2bo8b$3bobo54bobo8b$6bo56bo7b$5b3o54b2o 7b$5bo56bo8b$3b2o66b$5bo65b$3bo2bo31bo32b$3bobo31bob2o30b$3bo36b2o29b$ 35bo6bo28b$34bo3b4o29b$35bo4bo30b4$41b3o27b$40bo3bo26b$41b2o28b$7b2o 34b2ob2o23b$7b2o36b2o24b3$34bo36b$33bobo35b$33bobo35b$33bo2bo34b$15b2o 17bobo34b$15b2o20bo33b$36b2o33b$36bo34b5$23b2o46b$23b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ TRACKLOOP 96 -1/12 -1/12 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 12 HEIGHT 480 WIDTH 480 ZOOM 4 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Family Cordership
Number of cells 180
Bounding box 71 × 65
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Mod 48
Speed c/12 | 8c/96
Heat 196.3
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Year of discovery 1993

The 7-engine Cordership is a c/12 diagonal spaceship that was discovered by Dean Hickerson on August 14, 1993. Until the discovery of the 6-engine Cordership almost five years later, it was the Cordership that used the fewest known possible switch engines. Corderships that use as few as 2 engines are now known.

This particular Cordership can be used to reflect gliders in a variety of ways. The image below shows two gliders that will be turned counterclockwise by 90 degrees (in red), a glider that will be reflected 180 degrees (in green), and a glider that will be turned into a southbound lightweight spaceship (in blue).[1][2] For another method of performing a 180-degree glider reflection using the 7-engine Cordership, see glider loop.

Gliders about to be reflected off of the ship
red:90˚, green:180˚, blue:45˚ RLE: here

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