7-in-a-row Cordership

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7-in-a-row Cordership
95bo18b$78b3o8bo5bo18b$77bo3bo6bo7bo17b$78b2o9b4o2b2o17b$80b2ob2o9b3o 17b$82b2o11bobo16b$96bo7b2o8b$96bo7b2o8b3$88bo25b$87bobo24b$87bobo24b$ 74b3o11bo25b$75bo36b2o$75bo2bo33b2o$75bo2bo35b$76bobo35b$96bo17b$95bob o16b$95bobo16b$96bo17b2$75b2o37b$53bobo18b2o38b$52bo19b3o39b$53bo2bo 57b$55bobo14b2o40b$58bo55b$57b3o54b$57bo56b$39bo15b2o57b$39bo5b3o9bo 13b3o40b$38bobo3b2o2bo6bo2bo12b3o40b$39bo3bo5bo5bobo13b2o41b$39bo3bo 11bo14bo21b3o19b$44bo2b2o19b2o2bo21bo19b$45b2o22bo3bo19bo20b$69bo2bo 41b$70b3o41b5$55b2o57b$55b2o57b$42b2o70b$42b2o70b$41b2obo69b$28bobo13b o69b$27bo16b2ob3o64b$28bo2bo12bob2obo64b$30bobo9b2o3b2o14b2o49b$33bo8b 2o19b2o49b$32b3o4bob3o9b2o59b$32bo6bo13b2o59b$30b2o82b$32bo81b$30bo2bo 80b$30bobo81b$30bo83b2$54bobo57b$54bo2bo56b2$22b3o30bobo56b$23bo31b3o 56b$23bo2bo29bobo55b$23bo2bo30b2obo53b$24bobo31b3o53b2$48bo65b$48bobo 63b$48b2o64b2$23b2o89b3$b3o8b2o100b$o3bo6bo2bo99b$b2o9b2o100b$3b2ob2o 106b$5b2o107b4$20b2o92b$19bo2bo91b$20b2o92b6$26b2o86b$7b2o15bo3bob2o 82b$7b2o15bo3bob2o82b$24bo3b2o84b$25b3o86b$25b3o86b4$15b2o15bo81b$15b 2o15bobo79b$32b2o80b6$23b2o89b$23b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ TRACKBOX -1/12 -1/12 -1/12 -1/12 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 18 ZOOM 3 WIDTH 480 HEIGHT 480 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Family Cordership
Number of cells 289
Bounding box 114×113
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Mod 48
Speed c/12
Speed (unsimplified) 8c/96
Heat 258.3
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Year of discovery 1998

The 7-in-a-row Cordership is a diagonal spaceship that was discovered by Dean Hickerson on July 23, 1998.[1] It is one of the Corderships with a known glider synthesis and shares many properties with the 6-in-a-row Cordership.

Synthesis and destruction

A 48-glider synthesis for the 7-in-a-row Cordership has been known since June 2003, consisting of a 21-glider salvo meeting a 27-glider salvo. At that time a gun was constructed that fires 7-in-a-row Corderships; it is known as the V gun due to its shape.

Due to Luka Okanishi's discovery of a three-glider switch engine synthesis in 2017, the 7-in-a-row Cordership can now be constructed with only 25 gliders.

This Cordership can also be eaten, as shown by the pattern below that was created on July 4, 2003, based on a glider-extraction reaction found by Karel Suhajda which might be considered a Cordership Heisenburp, since the Cordership passes by the tub catalyst without being permanently affected. The Cordership eater consists of seven eater 2s and two tubs to do the majority of the eating, along with some Herschel tracks that produce gliders to clean up some blocks that are left behind.

7-in-a-row Cordership eater
Download RLE: click here

A much more compact eater, or an equally compact Cordership-to-glider converter, can now be constructed thanks to the subsequent discovery of the Snark reflector and the syringe.

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