Achim Flammenkamp

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Achim Flammenkamp
Achim Flammenkamp
Born Unknown
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Institutions Universität Bielefeld
Alma mater Universität Bielefeld

Achim Flammenkamp is a German mathematician who has made several contributions to Conway's Game of Life. He performed many experiments on random starting patterns, collecting statistics on how often objects appear naturally - resulting in Achim Flammenkamp's census. He used similar random searches with various symmetries to find several new oscillators such as Achim's p4, pseudo-barberpole, smiley, Achim's p16, and Achim's p144. His period 11 thumb sparker also helped Noam Elkies construct the first known period-33 oscillator.

He has also found many of the smallest known Gardens of Eden and orphans, including Garden of Eden 4, which was the record holder until September 2009.

He wrote Xlife 3.5, updating Paul Callahan's Xlife 3.0.


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