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A bi-block puffer is any puffer whose output is bi-blocks. The term is particularly used for p8 c/2 puffers, in which case a bi-block fuse is created. A bi-block puffer is easily made using two backrakes whose gliders impact symmetrically. Jason Summers welded two backrakes to form a more compact puffer, as shown below.

x = 59, y = 29, rule = B3/S23 11bobo$10bo2bo$9b2o7bo4b6o$8bo6b2obo4bo5bo$7b6o2bo7bo$4b2o7bo3b4o3bo4b o$3bo3b3obo4bo9b2o$2bo3bo3b2obo2b2obo2bo$2bo5b2o3bo5bo3bobo$2b3o3b4obo 7bo4bo$11bo9bo4bo5bo$2b3o6bobo7b2o2b2o6bo$bo5bo5bo9b2o6b3o3b2o2b2o2b2o 2b2o2b2o2b2o$o3b2obo3b2o24b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o$o3bo6b3o$o3b2obo3b2o 24b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o$bo5bo5bo9b2o6b3o3b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o$2b 3o6bobo7b2o2b2o6bo$11bo9bo4bo5bo$2b3o3b4obo7bo4bo$2bo5b2o3bo5bo3bobo$ 2bo3bo3b2obo2b2obo2bo$3bo3b3obo4bo9b2o$4b2o7bo3b4o3bo4bo$7b6o2bo7bo$8b o6b2obo4bo5bo$9b2o7bo4b6o$10bo2bo$11bobo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 HEIGHT 320 X -3 THEME 6 GPS 6 ZOOM 8 AUTOSTART TRACKLOOP 16 -1/2 0 ]]
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By periodically burning the bi-block fuse using perturbations by a following backrake and spaceships, c/2 rakes can be created for all periods that are a multiple of eight.

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