Bill Gosper

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Bill Gosper
Bill Gosper
Born 1943
Residence Unknown
Nationality American
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater MIT

Ralph William Gosper, Jr. (born 1943, commonly known as Bill Gosper), is an American mathematician and programmer who found some of the first complex and interesting constructed patterns in the Game of Life.

He found the first known (and still most well-known) shuttle oscillators: queen bee shuttle, twin bees shuttle and centinal. Based on the queen bee shuttle, he created by far his most well-known pattern, the Gosper glider gun. The Gosper glider gun was not only the first gun to be discovered, but also the first known finite pattern to exhibit infinite growth of any kind. He also found some of the other earliest known guns, including new gun 1 and new gun 2, and the first first known puffers, puffer 1 and puffer 2.

Gosper also created the extremely important HashLife algorithm for simulating Life-like cellular automata.

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