Carnival shuttle

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Carnival shuttle
x = 23, y = 7, rule = B3/S23 18bobobo$3ob3o11bobobo$3bo6bo3bo3bo3bo$2o3b2o3bob3o4bobo$3bo6bo3bo3bo 3bo$3ob3o11bobobo$18bobobo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART LOOP 12 GPS 6 THUMBSIZE 2 ]]
Pattern type Oscillator
Oscillator type Shuttle
Number of cells 43
Bounding box 24 × 7
Period 12
Mod 6
Heat 38
Volatility 0.91
Strict volatility 0.27
Discovered by Robert Wainwright
Year of discovery 1984

Carnival shuttle is a period-12 oscillator that was found by Robert Wainwright in September 1984.[1] The shuttle itself is a reaction between two t-tetrominos, whose stability requires the suppression of one birth per period at both ends of the shuttle.

As shuttles can be placed head to head, it can be viewed as a finite segment of an extensible wick, and there are many ways to terminate this wick. The earliest version used middleweight emulators at the end, which got reduced to the much smaller monograms shown in the infobox. Other period-4 sparkers including T-nosed p4 and blocked p4-3 work. More recent stabilizations include the stable beehive push catalyst by Tanner Jacobi in 2020[2] and p3 pipsquirters by 83bismuth38 in 2021[3].

In addition to pushing a beehive, adjacent shuttles can hassle more complex components involving paired beehives, loaves or traffic lights (interchange). The interchange part emits domino sparks, which was used to create the first known non-trivial period-24 oscillator, 186P24. The loaf-hassling reaction is similar to the catalyst in the stable twirling T-tetsons 2.

x = 80, y = 34, rule = B3/S23 42b2ob2o$41bobobobo$41bobobobo20b2o$42bobobo20bobo$44bo20b3o$3ob3o19bo bo13bo2bo18bo3bo$3bo6bo3bo3bo3bo3bobo4bo3bo7bo4bo3bo5bo3b5o$2o3b2o3bob 3o3b3obo6bo3b3obo3bo3bo4b3obo3b3o3b2o$3bo6bo3bo3bo3bo3bobo4bo3bo7bo4bo 3bo5bo3b5o$3ob3o19bobo13bo2bo18bo3bo$44bo20b3o$42bobobo20bobo$41bobobo bo20b2o$2b3o36bobobobo26b2o$3bo38b2ob2o27b2o$3bo$72b6o$2b3o50bo15bo3bo 2bo$22bo10bo9b2o9bobo15b2o3b2o$21bobo8bobo8b2o10bo17bo$22bo10bo5bo33bo bo$bobobo35bo5bo4bo5bobo12bobo$bobobo11bobo5bo4bo5bo4bo4bo6bo4bobo3bo 3bo3bo5bo$bo3bo3bo3bo3bobo4bo6bo3bo6bo3bo6bo3bo6bob3o3bo4bobo$2bobo4b 3obo6bo3bo6bo3bo6bo3bo6bo4bobo3bo3bo3bo5bo$bo3bo3bo3bo3bobo4bo6bo4bo4b o5bo4bo5bobo12bobo$bobobo11bobo5bo4bo5bo36bobo$bobobo32bo5bo10bo17bo$ 22bo10b2o8bobo8bobo15b2o3b2o$21bobo9b2o9bo10bo15bo3bo2bo$22bo49b6o2$ 74b2o$74b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 8 WIDTH 800 HEIGHT 480 GPS 6 LOOP 12 ]]
A collection of carnival shuttle reactions
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A 26-glider synthesis for the infobox form was found by GUYTU6J on April 4, 2022. [4]


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