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Purpose Finding oscillators and conduits
Created by Michael Simkin
Platform Unix; Windows

CatForce is an optimized search program written by Michael Simkin in 2015, performing a brute-force enumeration of small Spartan objects in a limited area, instead of a depth-first tree search. One major purpose of CatForce is to find glider-constructible completions for signal conduits. An early CatForce discovery was the B60 conduit, which enabled a record-breaking new glider gun.

In May 2022, Mitchell Riley created a modification of CatForce, both significantly improving speed and adding a symmetry option.[1] This new version of the program was used to find numerous new oscillators, with some of the notable examples being the p84 honey farm hassler, 58P37, Cribbage and 74P34.


  1. Mitchell Riley (May 10, 2022). Re: CatForce new catalyst search utility (LifeAPI based) (discussion thread) at the forums

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