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Centipede image
Pattern type Spaceship
Number of cells 620901
Bounding box 11652 × 126714
Direction Orthogonal
Period 240
Mod 240
Speed 31c/240 | 31c/240
Heat 402634.1
Discovered by Chris Cain
Year of discovery 2014

The centipede is a 31c/240 spaceship constructed by Chris Cain later on the same day as the shield bug.[1] It actually reuses most of shield bug's circuitry despite having a quite different shape. Its smaller size is due to a more compact front-end that was built by Cain a day earlier.

It is the third smallest known 31c/240 spaceship after the caterloopillar's 31c/240 variant, and remained the smallest 31c/240 spaceship making use of the 31c/240 reaction (and therefore the smallest period-240 31c/240 spaceship) until the development of the silverfish.

The centipede ranked second place in the Pattern of the Year 2014 competition in a belated vote held on the ConwayLife.com forums, behind the waterbear.[2]

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