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A crystal is a regular growth that is sometimes formed when a stream of gliders, or other spaceships, is fired into some junk.

Notable examples

The most common example is initiated by the following collision of a glider with a block. With a glider stream of even period at least 80, this gives a crystal which forms a pair of beehives for every 11 gliders which hit it.

x = 664, y = 659, rule = B3/S23 bo$2bo$3o19$22bo$20bobo$21b2o18$42bo$43bo$41b3o19$63bo$61bobo$62b2o18$ 83bo$84bo$82b3o19$104bo$102bobo$103b2o18$124bo$125bo$123b3o19$145bo$ 143bobo$144b2o18$165bo$166bo$164b3o19$186bo$184bobo$185b2o18$206bo$ 207bo$205b3o19$227bo$225bobo$226b2o18$247bo$248bo$246b3o19$268bo$266bo bo$267b2o18$288bo$289bo$287b3o19$309bo$307bobo$308b2o18$329bo$330bo$ 328b3o19$350bo$348bobo$349b2o18$370bo$371bo$369b3o19$391bo$389bobo$ 390b2o18$411bo$412bo$410b3o19$432bo$430bobo$431b2o18$452bo$453bo$451b 3o19$473bo$471bobo$472b2o18$493bo$494bo$492b3o19$514bo$512bobo$513b2o 18$534bo$535bo$533b3o19$555bo$553bobo$554b2o18$575bo$576bo$574b3o19$ 596bo$594bobo$595b2o18$616bo$617bo$615b3o19$637bo$635bobo$636b2o18$ 657bo$658bo3b2o$656b3o3b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ HEIGHT 600 WIDTH 600 THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 10 X 313 Y 313 THEME Book GPS 50 AUTOSTART T 0 PAUSE 1 T 1727 PAUSE 1 LOOP 1728 ]]
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Under certain conditions, the same glider stream is also capable of destroying this crystal. Crystallization and decay oscillator is an oscillator which takes advantage of this creation-and-destruction phenomenon.

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