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Pattern type Strict still life
Number of cells 45
Bounding box 11×13
Discovered by Adam P. Goucher
Year of discovery 2016

Cthulhu is a 45-cell still life.

One form of this still life (systematically called trans-Cthulhu) was found in the ash of a random soup by Adam P. Goucher on May 3, 2016,[1] despite it being an unusually large for a natural still life. 'BlinkerSpawn' found a 15-glider synthesis of Cthulhu on the same day,[2] which Mark Niemiec improved to 12 gliders on May 6.[3]

Cthulhu is one of the largest known still lives to have occurred naturally, and once the biggest; its title was taken by professor in July 2016 followed by the cloverleaf interchange in August of that year. As of May 2020, however, Cthulhu is still the largest fully asymmetric still life to occur in the final ash of a soup.[note 1]



The "tentacles" of Cthulhu are made of a sidewalk connected to the main body of the object (mainly comprising of a long³ hat stabilized by two buns). Reflecting the sidewalk produces the cis-version of Cthulhu, shown to the left; Mark Niemiec found a 13-glider synthesis on May 6.[3]


  1. On May 18, 2020, Goucher found a soup that temporarily produces an asymmetric 46-bit still life which is then converted into a 44-bit still life.[4]


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