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DotLife rule
Rulestring 023/3
Rule integer 6664
Character Explosive
Black/white reversal B012347/S01234678

DotLife is a Life-like cellular automaton in which live cells survive if they have 0, 2 or 3 live neighbors, and dead cells are born if they have exactly 3 live neighbors; that is, it has rulestring "B3/023". DotLife is an explosive, chaotic rule: most randomly-generated starting patterns (soups) grow without limit, enveloped in a cloud of escaping gliders and other spaceships, and growing patterns continue to show internal evolution.

On December 30, 2020, FWKnightship posted a Rule 110 emulator made in DotLife, proving the rule Turing complete.[1]


  1. FWKnightship (December 30, 2020). Re: List of the Turing-complete totalistic life-like CA (discussion thread) at the ConwayLife.com forums

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