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A fanout is any mechanism that emits two or more objects of some type for each one that it receives. Typically the objects are gliders or Herschels; glider duplicators are a special case.

x = 59, y = 71, rule = B3/S23 24b2o$23bobo$22b3o$22b2o$22b2o$23bobo$24bo3$21b2o3b2o$21b2o3b2o2$23b3o $23b3o$o23bo$3o$3bo$2b2o2$6bo10b2o$6bo9bobo6b3o$18bo6b3o$24bo3bo$2b2o 3b2o$3b5o11b2o2b2o3b2o$4b3o12b2o$5bo$9b3o$11bo$10bo3$28b2o$28bo$29b3o$ 6b3o22bo2$6bobo$5b5o16b2o$4b2o3b2o15bobo$4b2o3b2o15bo3$7bo$8b2o2$10bo 2$6bo2bo$6b2o12$48b3o$48bo$49bo5$56b2o$56bobo$56bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ WIDTH 800 HEIGHT 800 AUTOSTART LOOP 320 PAUSE 2 ]]
p30 fanout device constructed by Dietrich Leithner in 1993[1]
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