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A flotilla (plural flotillae) is a spaceship composed of a number of smaller interacting spaceships. Often one or more of these is not a true spaceship (e.g. an overweight spaceship) and could not survive without the support of the others; those ships are said to be escorted by the true ships.

Standard spaceships

Main article: Standard spaceship flotilla

There are multiple ways to combine the three orthogonal standard spaceships into a flotilla. They can be augmented using parts of non-standard spaceships of the same speed to create more complex spaceships: sidecars, pushalongs, semi-x66s and the Coe ship can be integrated.


In the following example, a long overweight spaceship is being escorted by two heavyweight escorts; most of the 10-bit spark that would make it unstable is suppressed by the HWSSes, except for two cells that dissipate harmlessly.

Hwsson14wssonhwss.png Hwsson14wssonhwss gen1.png
Hwsson14wssonhwss gen2.png Hwsson14wssonhwss gen3.png

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