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The following is a gallery of (some) neighbourhoods that may be used in two-dimensional cellular automata operating on the square lattice:

This page does not include the cross, star and saltire neighbourhoods which Java Square Cell can simulate.[1]

Range / Type von Neumann L2 circular Moore
1 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 1).png L2 neighbourhood (range 1).png Circular neighbourhood (range 1).png Moore neighbourhood (range 1).png
2 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 2).png L2 neighbourhood (range 2).png Circular neighbourhood (range 2).png Moore neighbourhood (range 2).png
3 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 3).png L2 neighbourhood (range 3).png Circular neighbourhood (range 3).png Moore neighbourhood (range 3).png
4 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 4).png L2 neighbourhood (range 4).png Circular neighbourhood (range 4).png Moore neighbourhood (range 4).png
5 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 5).png L2 neighbourhood (range 5).png Circular neighbourhood (range 5).png Moore neighbourhood (range 5).png
6 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 6).png L2 neighbourhood (range 6).png Circular neighbourhood (range 6).png Moore neighbourhood (range 6).png
7 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 7).png L2 neighbourhood (range 7).png Circular neighbourhood (range 7).png Moore neighbourhood (range 7).png
8 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 8).png L2 neighbourhood (range 8).png Circular neighbourhood (range 8).png Moore neighbourhood (range 8).png
9 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 9).png L2 neighbourhood (range 9).png Circular neighbourhood (range 9).png Moore neighbourhood (range 9).png
10 Von Neumann neighbourhood (range 10).png L2 neighbourhood (range 10).png Circular neighbourhood (range 10).png Moore neighbourhood (range 10).png

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