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A Herschel descendant is a common active pattern occurring at generation 21 of a Herschel's evolution. Beside it contains another Herschel descendant, after it produces the first natural block:

x = 31, y = 5, rule = B3/S23 b2o20b2o3b2o$o2bo19bobo2bobo$3b2o20bo4bo$2b2o20bo2bo2bo$2bo24b3o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 Z 16 WIDTH 720 HEIGHT 480 GPS 10 AUTOSTART PAUSE 4 T 100 Z 8 LOOP 150 ]]
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There are other evolutionary paths leading to the same pattern, including the modification of a B-heptomino implied by generation 21 of a Herschel.

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