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Although LifeWiki is a wiki that anyone can edit much like Wikipedia, there are some important differences to note. Because the focus of LifeWiki is so specialized, it has different notability requirements and layout guidelines. Indeed, if it weren't different from Wikipedia then there wouldn't be much point in having a separate site.


Main article: LifeWiki:Notability

On Wikipedia, a topic warrants its own article if it has had independent coverage in secondary or tertiary sources. Because of the scarcity of information about Conway's Game of Life and related cellular automata, such a policy at LifeWiki would result in precious few pages existing. Thus, the notability regulations are much more lax here.

Original research

On Wikipedia, there is a strict policy against original research that says it does not include any "unpublished facts, arguments, speculation, and ideas". In order to encourage new contributions from LifeWiki members and expansion of general knowledge of cellular automata, this policy is slightly more lax here. In particular, if an editor has discovered or calculated something that has not been published elsewhere (and it is notable), they should add it to LifeWiki, provided it is verifiable (e.g. if you add a new pattern and claim that it is a 3c/26 spaceship, it is easy to verify that it is or is not a 3c/26 spaceship).

How LifeWiki is like Wikipedia

Even though some of the official policies of Wikipedia don't work at LifeWiki, many of the general guidelines carry over just fine. Users should assume good faith, be bold, avoid conflicts of interest, and so on. In general, if there is not a policy or guideline that covers a particular situation at LifeWiki, then the corresponding Wikipedia policy or guideline should be used.