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The Life 1.06 file format is an ASCII format that is just a list of coordinates of alive cells. Life 1.06 was designed to be easy and quick for a Life program to read and write, with the drawback being that the file size is very large for large patterns. Life 1.06 files are saved with a .lif or .life file extension.

Description of format

The first line is a header line, indicating that the file is in Life 1.06 format:

#Life 1.06

Each subsequent line is of the form

x y

where x and y are the x and y coordinates of an alive cell, respectively. Each alive cell must be on its own line, and the x and y coordinates are separated by a space.


The following is a glider in Life 1.06 format:

#Life 1.06
0 -1
1 0
-1 1
0 1
1 1

Note that the overall (x,y)-offset of the coordinates generally does not matter (for example, adding 3 to each x-coordinate will have no real effect), nor does the order that the cells are listed in. As a result of these ambiguities, the same pattern may be saved in several different ways. The following is another equivalent way that a glider might be saved in the Life 1.06 format:

#Life 1.06
0 2
1 0
1 2
2 1
2 2

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