Linear propagator

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Linear propagator
Linear propagator image
Pattern type Puffer
Number of cells 290096
Bounding box 14826990 × 14826908
Direction Orthogonal
Period 237228617
Speed 256c/237228617
Discovered by Dave Greene
Year of discovery 2013

Linear propagator is any of the three self-constructing puffers built by Dave Greene and published on November 23, 2013.[1] It is arguably the first explicit example of a replicator in Conway's Game of Life, depending on an exact definition of a replicator.

As the pattern is too big to be displayed in detail using any reasonable scale (given one pixel were 1 mm, the whole pattern would be almost 15 km wide), the image on the right depicts only the underlying universal constructor.

The distance between the two construction lanes in the linear propagator is separated by nine half diagonals (abbreviated 9hd).

The linear propagator ranked third place in the Pattern of the Year 2013 competition in a belated vote held on the forums, tied with the CC semi-Snark, and behind the loafer and the Snark.[2]


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