List of rules investigated on Catagolue/Hexagonal isotropic non-totalistic

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The following is a complete list of isotropic non-totalistic hexagonal-neighbourhood rules investigated on Adam P. Goucher's Catagolue.

Isotropic non-totalistic rules

Rule Name Catagolue census link
B2-m/S12mH b2-ms12mh
B2-p/S2-m5H b2-ps2-m5h
B2/S2-mH 22da b2s2-mh
B23p/SH b23psh
B2-o3o/S23-p4pH b2mp3os23om4ph
B2-o3o/S23-pH b2mp3os23omh
B2-o3o/S2-p3-p4pH b2mp3os2om3om4ph
B2-o3o56/S23-pH b2mp3o56s23omh
B2o/S2m34H b2os2m34h
B2o/S356H b2os356h
B2o3/S2oH b2o3s2oh
B2o3m/S2H b2o3ms2h
B2o3m/S2o3m6H b2o3ms2o3m6h
B2o3m5/S2-p4o6H b2o3m5s2om4o6h
B2o3m56/S2-p4oH Hex Life b2o3m56s2om4oh
B2o3o/S2o3o4-mH b2o3os2o3o4oph
B2o3o/S34H b2o3os34h
B2o45/S2o45H b2o45s2o45h
does not meet Catagolue's minimum of 10,000 soups or 250,000 objects.
has been searched under a non-canonical rulestring.